About Us

Marstal Maritime Academy is a Danish nautical training institute combining state-of-the-art education with the proud tradition of its long history. The institute has been located in Marstal on the island of Ærø in Denmark since 1860.

The institute offers all kinds of maritime training and education and specializes in supplementary training courses such as advanced tanker courses and other STCW courses.

Advanced Course for Oil and Chemical Tanker Operation  – Read more here

Maritime courses

All courses are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and they are taught by a team of professionals guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest developments.

Marstal Maritime Academy offers state-of-the-art simulator courses using three full-mission bridge simulators and have approved facilities for ECDIS and GMDSS training.

Supplementary training

Marstal Maritime Academy has profound expert knowledge in the area of supplementary training. All courses are tailor-made to fit the demands of our customers – shore staff as well as seafarers.

E-learning and Distance learning

Marstal Maritime Academy offers advanced E-learning for a number of topics and Distance learning is an excellent option with crew and office staff located all around the world. The E-learning concept offers the students the opportunity to plan their studying locally and in their own time. The employer gets the advantage of huge savings on travel and accomodation.

The Course Department of Marstal Navigationsskole

Handling (manoeuvre) in simulator, ECDIS, relevant GMDSS courses, Transport of Dangerous Goods (IMDG), Heavy Lift/lashing, working environment on board (health and safety), Incident Investigation and Analysis, – and many more tailor made courses.

The course department at Marstal Maritime Academy has existed since the beginning of the 1970-ies. In the beginning tanker courses were given as on-board training until tanker training was made mandatory by the STCW Convention – 1978. At that time Marstal Navigatinsskole had built its own shore based training facilities.

From time to time we still conduct on board training. The training is for instance ECDIS training and tanker safety training for companies wishing to brush up on general safety and to promote a common company safety policy, (the last 10 years: AP Moeller-Maersk, BP Gas tankers, Clipper, Eitzen, M.H. Simonsen, OW Bunkers, UniTankers, Wonsild).

We often give courses “out of the house” in connection with officers’ seminars or at similar occasions where a number of officers/seafarers are gathered.

For several years we have had success with short one or two days courses for operators and charterers of chemical tankers (also gas tankers). These courses are first of all to be regarded as a follow up on new legislation but it is also a good chance to discuss more practical subjects such as tankcleaning and care of tank coating etc.

Our courses can of course be given in English.

All our course instructors have a maritime background as navigators, radio operator or engineer. Most of the instructors also hold a supplementary education as teacher of navigation from Danish Technical University or similar universities. The instructors’ skills and competency are updated by participating in relevant courses, sailing as super numerous, participating in IMO-meeting as technical advisors for Danish Maritime Administration. Most instructors hold a valid certificate as master.

Please aquire our reference list of shipping companies, listing many satisfied customers during the last five years

Contact Us

Marstal Maritime Academy can be contacted at:

Marstal Maritime Academy
10 Ellenet
DK-5960 Marstal

Tel. (+45) 62531075
e-mail: marnav@marnav.dk

And the Course Department at the same Address:
Tel. (+45) 62531968
e-mail: kursus@marnav.dk

Comming up

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    21. oktober 2019 - varighed: 2 dage
  • Batteri-eldrift i skibe Basic
    22. oktober 2019 - varighed: 2 dage
  • Batteri-eldrift i skibe Advanced
    24. oktober 2019 - varighed: 2 dage